Natarajan Vaidyanathan is an award-winning violinist and passionate music teacher.

From the tender age of nine, music has played a major role in his life. He spent over ten years studying classical Indian music in Chennai, India. He was featured on national radio and leading television programs in India.

Natarajan’s musical talents brought him to Canada, where he has played alongside luminaries like Unni Krishnan, Vijayanthi Mala, K.J Sarasa, A.K.Palanivel, A.Kanyakumari and Azalea Ray. Natarajan regularly performs at South Asian and Western concerts, festivals and events. A consummate professional, Natarajan is known for his collaborative work ethic and his ability to bring his musical talents to any band or group.He is recognized for his versatility, with an ability to play effortlessly for any event from an arangetram violin solo to a fusion concert.

As a passionate teacher, Natarajan strongly believes that musical education should be accessible to all who have the skill and desire to learn. Thus, he founded the Swaravani School of Violin in 2007, where he has been teaching violin to students of all ages and backgrounds with various levels of expertise.

Natarajan has been recognized for his musical talents and abilities by many organizations. He has received awards from the National Association of Indo-Canadians, Divya Arts Foundation, and the Saamagaanam Academy of South Indian Fine Arts to name a few. He has also been conferred the title of ‘fiddle Nyaana Kurisil’ by a leading South Indian organization, the Kumbakonam Vani Vilas Sabha. Natarajan has been featured on various news outlets such as ATN, Jaya TV, Rogers Television and Vision Television.